Always keen to work with bright young legal minds who are passionate about law and justice.

BUT I get thousands of applications and, unfortunately, cannot accommodate all. You’ll have to, therefore, meet me half-way and give me a reason to want to know you. A reason to work and engage with you, and a reason to share the little that I know about law, and – in turn, learn from you.

Template/Format based applications, therefore, are a strict NO. They don’t help me know you at all.

Therefore, please avoid cookie-cutter applications which lack individuality, and are boring to read.

Be creative. Show me the value that you can add to the team – in terms of law, and life.

Talk to me (in your application) – for instance, about the evolution of an interesting legal concept, a case law that you read and don’t agree with, or a tough legal proposition that you worked on, or an article that you once wrote. Things that you are passionate about – in law. Stuff like that!

Write, for instance, a story, or a poem, or – even crazier – a letter that your future self would write back to your present self, talking about your journey in the profession. Write about what you’d want to be your abiding contribution to the legal profession, or public life. Talk about the interesting ideas that you have, for instance, to change the way we practice law. Anything! Just keep it interesting and ensure that it brings out who you really are!

Good luck!

I really hope you’d give me a reason to work with you.

On my side of the bargain, I’d try not disappointing either….

And – yes, one more thing, when you email me your application at ensure that you have the word “Career” in the subject line.

Look forward to working with you!