Validity of GPA, Agreement to Sell transactions after Suraj Lamp Decision.

Comment : A Landmark Judgment that has outlawed GPA/Will/Agreement to Sell as means of conveyance of properties. The judgement has a prospective effect so as not to disturb earlier transactions. Court took notice of the fact […]


COMMENT : In this case a woman’s relations with her husband soured – her property was sold by her husband to his sister purporting to act on behalf of and as his wife’s power of attorney. […]

Case note on Ghulam Abbas v. Hav Kayyum Ali 1973 (SC)

THE LAW : Mahomedan Law-Estoppel-Execution of deeds acknowledging receipt of valuable consideration and relinquishing future possible rights of inheritance in the properties of father- On father’s death executants filing suit for partition of properties comprised in […]

Relinquishment of Spec Successionis – how far valid ?

Comment : Shorn of Unnecessary Details : The Supreme Court in this landmark decision – held that a Muslim’s Share in his parent’s property is only a spec successionis during their lives, there is no birth right […]

Sale Deed once executed cannot be cancelled unilaterally..

HEAD NOTE : Sale made absolute by transfer of property from vendor to purchaser. Such transfer cannot annulled by executing deed of cancellation.Cancellation of Sale deed can be ordered only under section 31 of sepcific relief act. Or purchaser can reconvey said property to […]

Res Ipsa Loquitur – The presumption of negligence

Negligence is the omission to do something which a reasonable man guided by those considerations which ordinarily guide the conduct of human affairs would do, or doing something that such man would not do. Succinctly […]

The Philosophy of Law of Torts

This is a brief introduction to the Law of torts and its dynamism.   The Philosphy of Law of Tort Tort also known as delict in Roman Law, means wrong/twisted conduct. In Society everyone has […]