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  • In this Judgment the SC explains the law of quantum meruit….

    Law of Quantum Meriut by SC Facts : The Public Works Department of the respondent-State had issued a tender notice for the construction of a road. The appellant inspected the site, went to the place where stone for the construction was said to be available, and after satisfying himself submitted a tender below the estimates in […]

  • Intention to defraud/cheat at time of making of contract essential to make out cheating.

    Comment : In this case the Court was faced with a situation where a complainant prosecuted the vendors in an agreement to sell that he entered, for Cheating (420/415/418), 423 etc. The basis of his case being that the vendors with a fraudulent intention, deceptively, induced the complainant to purchase the property, knowing perfectly well that […]

  • Causing Death of Tresspasser by Rash & Negligent Act

    Supreme Court of India Cherubin Gregory vs The State Of Bihar on 31 July, 1963 Equivalent citations: 1964 AIR 205, 1964 SCR (4) 199 Bench: Ayyangar, N Rajagopala PETITIONER: CHERUBIN GREGORY Vs. RESPONDENT: THE STATE OF BIHAR DATE OF JUDGMENT: 31/07/1963 BENCH: AYYANGAR, N. RAJAGOPALA BENCH: AYYANGAR, N. RAJAGOPALA SINHA, BHUVNESHWAR P.(CJ) SHAH, J.C. CITATION: […]

  • Declaration as to illegal termination

    Comment : In this case the court held that a declaration that a termination of a professor was illegal and he remained in service, was tantamount to ordering specific performance of a contract based on personal volition/qualification.  Supreme Court of India Dr. S. B. Dutt vs University Of Delhi on 3 September, 1958 Equivalent citations: 1958 […]