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Bharat Chugh

My two cents on the timely and the timeless in Law and Justice

This blog is a labor of love for Bharat. A humble attempt to make complex legal issues understandable to the younger members of the Bar, law students, and the laywoman.

About the Author:

Bharat graduated in law in 2011 and in 2013, at the age of 23, secured the first rank in the Delhi Judicial Service Exam, and was appointed as a Civil Judge/Metropolitan Magistrate where he served in various judgeship assignments in the 4 years that he spent at the Bench.

In 2016, he resigned from judgeship and returned to the practice of law.

Bharat has served as a Partner at L&L Partners (formerly Luthra and Luthra Law Offices)

Bharat has served on various committees/policy discussions and has also been appointed as amicus curiae by the High Court to assist the court in some serious criminal cases. He is also a part of the Young SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre) steering committee.

Bharat has a keen interest in academia and is a guest lecturer/resource person at various academies and has conducted various training programs for aspiring and serving judges, IPS officers, IAS officers, investigators, prosecutors, arbitrators, defence counsels, company secretaries, aspiring resolution professionals (under IBC), doctors, prison officials, forensic experts, and corporate counsel, amongst others.

Bharat is an avid reader and writer and writes on issues relating to The Law, the Criminal Justice System, The Art of Justicing (as opposed to mere Judging), Commercial/Tech/Social Media Law, Arbitration Law, and Public Policy.

Bharat currently practices as an Independent Counsel.

This blog is a collection of his writings on Law, Justice, Literature, and Life.

Doing the Right Thing;

For the Right Reasons;

The Right Way.

Stephen Covey

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