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  • Scope and Ambit of Anticipatory Bail – S.S.Mhetre – 2011

    SCOPE AND AMBIT OF ANTICIPATORY BAIL – summed up and reiterated by the the Hon’ble SC in SS.Mhetre v. State of Maharashtra (2010 SC)  118. A good deal of misunderstanding with regard to the ambit and scope of section 438 Cr.P.C. could have been avoided in case the Constitution Bench decision of this court in […]

  • Supreme Court on DNA Testing…

    COMMENT :  In this decision the court was once again faced with the baffling preposition as to whether DNA tests should be allowed to ascertain the paternity of a child ?, In what cases ? What about S.112 evidence Act, which in a nutshell says any child born during a marriage or 280 days after […]