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  • Supreme Court on Fake Encounter Killing

    Supreme Court of India Brijlala Pd. Sinha vs State Of Bihar on 13 July, 1998 Author: Pattanaik Bench: M Mukherjee, G Pattanaik PETITIONER: BRIJLALA PD. SINHA Vs. RESPONDENT: STATE OF BIHAR DATE OF JUDGMENT: 13/07/1998 BENCH: M.K. MUKHERJEE, G.B. PATTANAIK ACT: HEADNOTE: JUDGMENT: WITH CRL. APPEAL Nos. 218/98, 279/98 & 280-282/98 JUDGMENT PATTANAIK,J. These five […]

  • Is criminal judgment binding on a civil case ?

    Comment : We, therefore, are of the opinion that the judgment in a criminal case was not relevant in evidence for the purpose of proving a person’s civil liability and the other way round.    Supreme Court of India Seth Ramdayal Jat vs Laxmi Prasad on 15 April, 2009 Author: S.B. Sinha Bench: S.B. Sinha, Mukundakam […]

  • Supreme Court convicting man for wife’s murder – circumstantial evidence.

    In this interesting case – the Court convicted the man for murdering his wife, on the basis of following evidence – the chain of circumstantial evidence :- i) Motive (Suspected infidelity on part of wife – strained relations on that count) ii) Last Seen together. iii) Unnatural subsequent conduct. iv) killed wife at hotel – […]

  • The difference between Consent & Submission in cases of Rape

    Punjab-Haryana High Court Rao Harnarain Singh Sheoji Singh … vs The State on 12 August, 1957 Equivalent citations: AIR 1958 P H 123, 1958 CriLJ 563 Author: T Chand Bench: T Chand ORDER Tek Chand, J. 1. This is an application under Section 498, Criminal Procedure Code, for release of the petitioners on bail pending […]

  • Emporer v. Dhirajia – On Murder S.300 IPC

      Allahabad High Court Emperor vs Mt. Dhirajia on 4 June, 1940 Equivalent citations: AIR 1940 All 486 Author: Braund JUDGMENT Braund, J. 1. This is an appeal of some little interest. The appellant is a young woman of 20 who was tried for murder by the Sessions Judge of Benares and who was tried […]

  • Appraisal of Testimony of Child Witness

    Comment :  Allahabad High Court Panchhi And Ors. vs State Of U.P. on 17 February, 1998 Equivalent citations: 1998 CriLJ 3305 Author: K Shahi Bench: G Mathur, K Shahi JUDGMENT K.D. Shahi, J. 1. Appellants Panchhi, Manmohan and Smt. Ram Shree have preferred this appeal against their conviction under Section 302 read with Section 34 […]