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Causing Death of Tresspasser by Rash & Negligent Act

Supreme Court of India Cherubin Gregory vs The State Of Bihar on 31 July, 1963 Equivalent citations: 1964 AIR 205, 1964 SCR (4) 199 Bench: Ayyangar, N Rajagopala PETITIONER: CHERUBIN GREGORY Vs. RESPONDENT: THE STATE […]

Supreme Court on caretaker/servant’s possession.

Comment : Factual Matrix in this case stands thus, A sister who was away with her husband who was on official duty, gave her house to her brother gratuitously to live – almost as a caretaker, the […]

Wife claiming maintenance after Mutual Consent Divorce.

 In Geeta Satish Gokarna vs Satish Shankarrao Gokarna on 29 March, 2004 in this case the wife agreed, at the time of divorce by mutual consent not to seek maintenance, having receieved an amount as full and […]