Why does it feel like,That I’ve been places with you; Places that I haven’t visited, or even read about. Places (both inside and out) that I didn’t even know existed.  Why does it feel like,  That I’ve seen your gorgeous smile, on nights - brighter than days, And, on days - darker than nothingness itself. Why does it feel … Continue reading Everything

Diary of a Dust Bin

An unemployed-post-graduate’s resume- for an underpaying clerical job;A poor widow’s application-for an insignificant pension;A prescription for medicines-that the abandoned senior citizen could never buy; A strangulated female foetus,with the umbilical cord still tightly coiled around her delicate neckWho am I ?I am a garbage-bin on a street near you;And, by the way,I also happen to … Continue reading Diary of a Dust Bin