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  • Murder Conviction on testimony of interested witnesses

    In this murder case the court was faced with a situation where a grandson murdered his grandfather when the latter tried bringing sense into him not to indluge in rowdyism and to work. The Court convicted on the basis of clinching testimony of 3 eye witnesses/Recovery/Disclousure Statement/Strained Relations and subsequent conduct of the offendor. The […]

  • Women convicted of murder on jumping in well with children…

    Comment : In this case a women driven to despair and torture jumped into a well with her three children, was convicted u/s 300 (4) for causing death by act with knowledge that such act is so imminently dangerous that it must in all probability cause death. The defence took the specios plea that such act […]

  • Emporer v. Dhirajia – On Murder S.300 IPC

      Allahabad High Court Emperor vs Mt. Dhirajia on 4 June, 1940 Equivalent citations: AIR 1940 All 486 Author: Braund JUDGMENT Braund, J. 1. This is an appeal of some little interest. The appellant is a young woman of 20 who was tried for murder by the Sessions Judge of Benares and who was tried […]