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Is criminal judgment binding on a civil case ?

Comment : We, therefore, are of the opinion that the judgment in a criminal case was not relevant in evidence for the purpose of proving a person’s civil liability and the other way round.    Supreme […]

Supreme Court on S.14(1) of Hindu Succession Act

Supreme Court of India Smt.Palchuri Hanumaya inma vs Tadikamalla Kotlingam (D) By … on 9 October, 2001 Author: S Hegde Bench: N S Hegde, S Variava CASE NO.: Appeal (civil) 967 of 1987 PETITIONER: SMT.PALCHURI […]

Issue Estoppel in a Criminal Trial !

Comment : In this case the Court applied the principles of issue estoppel. The accused was earlier acquitted in a 399/402/25 Arms Act Case because recovery was found as bogus and not proved, later he was […]