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  • Murder Conviction on testimony of interested witnesses

    In this murder case the court was faced with a situation where a grandson murdered his grandfather when the latter tried bringing sense into him not to indluge in rowdyism and to work. The Court convicted on the basis of clinching testimony of 3 eye witnesses/Recovery/Disclousure Statement/Strained Relations and subsequent conduct of the offendor. The […]

  • Emporer v. Dhirajia – On Murder S.300 IPC

      Allahabad High Court Emperor vs Mt. Dhirajia on 4 June, 1940 Equivalent citations: AIR 1940 All 486 Author: Braund JUDGMENT Braund, J. 1. This is an appeal of some little interest. The appellant is a young woman of 20 who was tried for murder by the Sessions Judge of Benares and who was tried […]