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Bharat graduated in law in 2011 and practiced independently as a litigator for about two years. In 2013, at the age of 23, he secured the first rank in the prestigious Delhi Judicial Service examination and joined as a Civil Judge/Metropolitan Magistrate. Bharat trained at the Delhi and the National Judicial Academies and served in various civil/criminal assignments in three and a half years of judgeship. 

In 2016 and at the age of 27, he resigned from judgeship to return to the practice of law as an advocate and currently serves as Partner at L&L partners (formerly Luthra and Luthra Law Offices).

Bharat is passionate about law reform and policy. He currently serves as a member of the prestigious Young SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre) committee.  Bharat has also previously served on the Delhi High Court Committee on Arbitration. Bharat has also participated in various law making & policy discussions with the government.

Bharat has a keen interest in academics and has acted as the resource person for various academies and contributes a substantial amount of time in training and teaching. He has delivered talks, conducted seminars/training programs and participated in panel discussions organized by : ASSOCHAM, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Delhi Judicial Academy, J&K Judicial Academy, National Police Academy, Centre for Criminology and Victimology, Legal Services Authorities, IIHS, Law Schools & the ICSE, amongst others. 

Bharat is also extremely passionate about pro bono/amicus curiae lawyering for the disenfranchised, teaching, and mentoring aspiring future judges.  

Bharat is also extremely passionate about writing. This blog is a labor of love for Bharat. He shares here – the little that he knows about judgeship, lawyering and the law. In a language understandable to the younger members of the Bar, the students and law’s proverbial ‘reasonable person of ordinary prudence’, for whom ignorance of law is no excuse.

23 thoughts on “About the blog

    1. Sir, no words are enough to appreciate your efforts and achievements. Thank you for being a torch-bearer for the upcoming judges and lawyers.
      Kindly share some of the best judgments of SC for improving the art of answer writing.


  1. I would like to thank Mr Bharat Chugh for makimg the most complex issues seem so simple to understand. His grasp over law , language and complex issues is outstanding. A true jewel of the legal fraternity.

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      1. Hello Bharat Sir… It’s very impressive intro about your Great achievements congratulations by heart… & I am reader of your blogs articles on legal issues it’s very helpful to me for my studies! Thank you Sir.


  2. You are an ideal and mentor of many young lawyers and judicial aspirants including me. Your journey of life inspires me a lot. I always wanted to be a person like you. I always admire you as my elder brother and a teacher, you are the only person I know who despite of your busy schedule spares time to guide me whenever I need. Thanks a lot sir and God bless you.


    1. Thank you so much, brother! You’re super kind. This is the least I can do :). I wish you great luck in all your endeavours and may you achieve all that you desire. Cheers – Bharat Chugh




    I read yr article on taking white collar crimes seriously on LiveLaw which directed me to your website.

    tejastejasvinamaham-GITA10,36., ISHVARA Blessed you with HIS”TEJAS”VIBHUTI.And,yr capabilities made me address you with HON’BLE affix though you’re just around my son’s age. I myself being a Victim and having searching for years,I find in you the brilliance to help me and that way you’re A GOD’S GIFT to me.

    It seems you possess an encyclopedic knowledge of white collar crimes law and procedure; )

    “I have sat front row seat to Murdoch’s comprehensive career in criminal investigations and law; an extremely hard worker, he is dogged in his dedication to his craft, extremely talented, an overachiever, and intensely honest.Had it not been so,you would have never resigned from prestigious judgeship which brings Social Honor and smooth life. Even at cost of self-praise ,I say,I’m good in indentifing Winners ,and,Without hesitation, I would trust your abilities in the representation of those faced with the most complex and challenging of legal troubles.” May ISHVARA BLESS YOU !


    PS-pl.share yr mobile/contact number with preferred time;I would like to know you tejastejasvinamaham-GITA10,36.HON’BLE SIR, ISHVARA Blessed you with HIS”TEJAS”VIBHUTI. I need yrHelp in Karkati ofYogVashishta.Yrs-in-Service-of HOLY VEDAS’-SRA closely …and,get back my lifetime savings back which has been robbed by a large corporate in white collar form of crime’…


  4. Good day Sir,
    Thnx for all your articles,the very intresting webnar on Bail bonds, you are a Gift from God to your parents.
    Your achievements from your childhood to date gives hope that anyhard working humble youngster can dream big and achieve his goals.
    I need your help as i plan to research in a particular field in Law.
    Kindly share your email address.
    Thank you.


  5. Respected Sir,
    i would like to request you for critical analysis of Vinubhai Haribhai Malaviya v. State of Gujarat judgement and its distiction from Devarapally Lakshminarayana Reddy v. V Narayana Reddy.
    It seems to me that both judgments are relevant in their own sphere and not contradictory to each other. I have seen your amazing conceptual clarity in various articles therefore, i seek your guidance on this.
    Thank You


  6. Dear Bharat,
    I have been reading about you, your work, your achievements & all over the last few months. Didn’t hear about u before. I must confess, you are a person extraordinaire’ . People like you are rare to find. Your achievements in such a short span of time speak for themselves. Way to go. Keep up the good work brother. Much impressed. Would like to meet u someday soon.


  7. Dear sir,
    I recently found about your blog.It will be a opportunity for me to learn something from your focal point about law. Your ardent love towards this field inspires me alott.Thank u sir.


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