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First published on SCC Online Blog There’s hardly any webinar on the effects of the pandemic that gets concluded without the wise panellists exhorting us – in Churchill’s words not to, “let a perfectly good crisis go to […]

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MentorSpeak – Bharat Chugh in conversation with Debosmita

Had a great time chatting with Debosmita Nandy (MentorSpeak), who, btw, is doing an extraordinary job helping law students/young lawyers navigate the profession better. A free-wheeling conversation on books, reading law, justice, writing, publishing legal […]

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Diary of a Dust Bin

An unemployed-post-graduate’s resume- for an underpaying clerical job; A poor widow’s application- for an insignificant pension; A prescription for medicines- that the abandoned senior citizen could never buy; A strangulated female foetus, with the umbilical […]