The Art of Writing Orders in Civil Cases

First published on LiveLaw The Journey of a civil case isn’t a straight road where you start from a particular point and reach your final destination, without any interruptions. Rather a civil case is like one of those tedious Haryana Roadway’s bus journeys - with multiple halts - before it reaches its final destination.  A … Continue reading The Art of Writing Orders in Civil Cases

Understanding white collar crime (webinar)

A great conversation with Beyond Law CLC team and young lawyers/law students from P&H, and across the country on issues relating to White Collar Crime (WCC) defence. The conversation ranged from : What really is ‘White Collar Crime’? and the criminology behind it, to a brief overview of principles of corporate criminal liability and salient features of … Continue reading Understanding white collar crime (webinar)

The Art of Justicing: The Story of Justice Gita Mittal

First published on Bar and Bench A call from the High Court is a big thing, whoever and wherever one is – in life. Especially when you are a 25-year-old Magistrate, and it is your parent High Court. It fills you with excitement and dread. One late afternoon, during my stint as a Magistrate at Dwarka Courts, … Continue reading The Art of Justicing: The Story of Justice Gita Mittal

MentorSpeak – Bharat Chugh in conversation with Debosmita

Had a great time chatting with Debosmita Nandy (MentorSpeak), who, btw, is doing an extraordinary job helping law students/young lawyers navigate the profession better. A free-wheeling conversation on books, reading law, justice, writing, publishing legal columns, life of a young judge, partner-ing at a law firm, counsel practice, and a lot more......

Law books for those in need

I’ve known what it means to be really passionate about the law, but not being able to, or having to think twice before buying books. I’m going to be contributing 5-10 sets of the following basic legal text-books, to whoever needs them: Law of Contract & Specific Relief by Avtar SinghKelkar on Criminal ProcedureTakwani on … Continue reading Law books for those in need