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  • Mutual Consent Draft petition.

    This is a draft petition for Divorce by Mutual Consent. (for guidance of younger lawyers) PETITION OF DIVORCE BY MUTUAL CONSENT In the District Court at …….. Suit No. …………… of 2012.  In the matter of :  X  AND  Y Petition for a decree for dissolving marriage by mutual consent under section 13B of the Hindu Marriage […]

  • Divorce by Mutual Consent in India

    This article explains all you need to know about getting a divorce by mutual consent “A happy marriage is a harbour in the tempest of life, an unhappy marriage is a tempest in the harbour of life….” Divorces are tough ! But so are marriges that take a toll on your physical/mental well being, divorce […]


    THE FAMILY COURTS ACT, 1984 (No.66 of 1984) [14th September, 1984] An Act to provide for the establishment of Family Courts with a view to promote conciliation in, and secure speedy settlement of, disputes relating to marriage and family affairs and for matters connected therewith. Be it enacted by Parliament in the Thirty-fifth Year of […]


    Central Information CommissionRoom No. 305, 2nd Floor, ‘B’ Wing, August Kranti Bhavan,Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066Web: Tel No: 26167931Case No. CIC/SS/A/2011/000350 Name of Appellant : Sh. Ritesh Suri (The Appellant was present) Name of Respondent : Addl. Commissioner of Police, Special Police Unit for Women andChildren, New Delhi. Represented by:Shri O.P. Arora, ACP and […]

  • Powers of CAW CELL – Delhi High Court – S.N.Dhingra

    7. The creation of CAW Cells for investigation of crimepertaining to women, in my opinion, does not cause any discrimination on the basis ofsex for the CAW Cells have been constituted with a social purpose so that the crimesrelating to women are dealt with sensitivity. CAW Cell is like any other specializedwing of the Delhi […]

  • Hindu Marriage Act – What ? How ?

          The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955   An Act to amend and codify the law relating to marriage among Hindus. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows:- 1- Short title and extent.   (1) This Act may be called the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. […]

  • Truth the ultimate end of judicial proceedings/actual realistic costs & caretaker’s possession

    In this case – the court highlighted that courts are meant to discover the truth and hence should not adopt a laid back attitude but be pro-active to ensure that relevant questions are not left unanswered, the court also held that a premium cannot be placed on unnecessarily prolonging the litigation for ulterior ends, actual/realistic costs have […]

  • When original not produced before Court S.195(1)(b)(ii) not attracted.

    As the document alleged to have been forged was not produced in the court the provisions on S.195(1)(b)(ii).  Supreme Court of India Sushil Kumar And Ors vs State Of Haryana And Ors on 8 December, 1987 Equivalent citations: 1988 AIR 419, 1988 SCR (2) 182 Bench: Sharma, L. PETITIONER: SUSHIL KUMAR AND ORS. Vs. RESPONDENT: […]

  • Supreme Court on Fake Encounter Killing

    Supreme Court of India Brijlala Pd. Sinha vs State Of Bihar on 13 July, 1998 Author: Pattanaik Bench: M Mukherjee, G Pattanaik PETITIONER: BRIJLALA PD. SINHA Vs. RESPONDENT: STATE OF BIHAR DATE OF JUDGMENT: 13/07/1998 BENCH: M.K. MUKHERJEE, G.B. PATTANAIK ACT: HEADNOTE: JUDGMENT: WITH CRL. APPEAL Nos. 218/98, 279/98 & 280-282/98 JUDGMENT PATTANAIK,J. These five […]