Purchase property only through Registered Sale Deed – GPA/Agreement to Sell outlawed says Supreme Court

Advise : When Buying property – Always insist on a Registered Sale Deed – don’t go into the cheaper alternatives(not anymore) GPA, Agreement to Sell etc.

They do not pass good title anymore – for the Supreme Court in Suraj Lamp & Industries Pvt Ltd. V.
State of Haryana – 2011 has outlawed the
practice of effecting sale/purchase of property through
GPA(general power of attorney)/Agreement To Sell etc. These documents were being executed in order to evade stamp duty. The Court has said that prospectively (completed transactions not affected so as not to cause chaos and loss of title for pre oct.2011 transactions) such transactions would not vest any right title interest in any person in properties, and a regular SALE DEED would have to be compulsorily effected by
paying proper stamp duty to the STATE.


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