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Law books for those in need

I’ve known what it means to be really passionate about the law, but not being able to, or having to think twice before buying books.

I’m going to be contributing 5-10 sets of the following basic legal text-books, to whoever needs them:

  1. Law of Contract & Specific Relief by Avtar Singh
  2. Kelkar on Criminal Procedure
  3. Takwani on Code of Civil Procedure.
  4. Evidence Act – Avtar Singh or Ratanlal Dhirajlal.
  5. Bakshi or DD Basu on the Indian Constitution
  6. KD Gaur or Pillai on IPC.
  7. Ramanatha Aiyar’s Concise Law Dictionary.

If you are in need, or know someone who is, please write to us at bharat.law06@gmail.com with some basic details (like name, address, contact number, law school, brief background) about the student/applicant. We won’t ask for too many details and would essentially take your word for it and trust that the need is real and genuine.

PS: Due to logistical reasons, we will able to do this only in Delhi…

Happy reading. And, remember, readers are leaders!

Much love,


*In case of too many applications, my team and I would decide on the basis of how grave the need in a given case is.

*List is subject to change.

*If you need only one/some titles from the above, please mention that as well.

*In addition to the above, If you have law books/textbooks that you want to give-away and contribute, please write to us too with a list of books and from where and when can we pick up. That would help us reach out to more students. Appreciate the help.

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    I am from Sultanpur UP I want to pursue law as career this year , sir can you please provide the list of the book to read with an order because presently t I’m only reading autobiography of great lawyer of India.


    1. Dr Kumar madukar Sanatamanaa

      Wow just great regards


  2. Ratna

    This is so thoughtful and kind of you. 🙂


    1. Dr Kumar madukar Sanatamanaa

      Wow great article and also great service of providing law books for needy regards


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