A chat with The Logical Indian on the legality and propriety of Disha Ravi’s arrest, police remand, and the law of Sedition.

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  1. SR Agarwal

    HON’BLE SIR,I admire yr Courage to take up issues which are sensitive in nature and are creating worldwide news.Yr subject of Editing ,with renowned Shewta Ji is a remarkable document and will affect many of us who have different opinion

    Sir,based on newsreports and humble admission of Ms.Jacob rg her sharing platform virtual with Anti Indian propogatinsts , certainly crwates a doubt.Things will be clear in next few days as Hon’ble court is also looking from the angle you’ve explained.

    I may be wrong,and,I’m wrong most of the times.And,if I’m wrong,I would like to be corrected.As of now,I would like you to consider my findings on the subject as below.
    Despite being a fervent champion of individual rights, John Stuart Mill the philosopher fully comprehended the consequences of unbridled free speech. To restrict the abuse of free speech he interjected the “harm principle”, which envisioned a governmental role in exceptional circumstances. He postulated that “the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others”.

    A systematic effort at mobilization against the government and collaboration with forces inimical to the country fulfill the “harm principle” enunciated by John Stuart Mill: free speech cannot be a subterfuge for illegal activities.

    Despite all the brouhaha, one must rest assured that the Indian judiciary has the integrity and capability to tease out the truth from the untruth. The law must take its course; the investigation must proceed unhindered and truth must be unearthed. The ugly haste to censor the government and derail investigation is indefensible.
    Kind Regards;


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