Had a freewheeling conversation with Sarthak (from Letter of Law) on law, life, literature, poetry and everything in between.

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    The Extraordinary talk shows that Sri Bharat by finding his voice – that includes using hid birth-rights or birth-gifts, and expressing his voice has an 8th Habit described by Dr.Covey-The Greatness Habit–from effectiveness to GREATNESS.

    The 8th Habit summary_Find your voice

    We’re all born with “birth-gifts” of talents, intelligences and infinite potential. Unfortunately, most of these gifts are not opened or used.

    Bharat Sir,your voice (or calling) is where your talents, passion, and conscience converge with what the world needs. And, you’re trying your talents (natural gifts and strengths), passion (what naturally excites, energizes, and motivates you), to a human need (which people are willing to pay for), that calls to your conscience (the quiet, small voice inside that tells you what’s right). Mankind’s greatest leaders and achievers (like George Washington, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa) all went through major challenges in their lives. Through their struggles, they expanded and manifested their 4 intelligences via 4 attributes: their Vision, Discipline, Passion and concience.

    Leadership is not about roles and positions; It’s about helping others to see and achieve their worth and potential. When you have found your voice, you can inspire others to find theirs. This involves leading by principles, affirming others, uniting them through a common vision, and empowering them with resources and accountability.

    Sir, you’re a role model to build trust, find alternative paths and build synergistic teams, help people to win), and have the ability to close the execution gap to achieve greatness.

    Sir,I’m sure,you shall truly achieve greatness at all levels:
    • Personal Greatness,
    • Leadership Greatness,
    • Organizational Greatness,

    I believe that you shall rekindle the Age of Wisdom, where human knowledge and potential will be directed in a principled way, to serve a greater good or purpose.

    I may like to end this note with a small poem translated from Urdu,which explains you:

    So Many Gifts

    There are so many gifts
    Still unopened from your birthday,
    there are so many hand-crafted presents
    that have been sent to you by God.

    The Beloved does not mind repeating,
    “Everything I have is also yours.”

    There are so many gifts, my dear,
    still unopened from your birthday.

    Hafiz, The Gift


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