A Nano Book Review : The Proof by Frederick Schauer

A book that we absolutely need, though not necessarily a book that we deserve. 

We live in a world that is increasingly surrendering itself to a mind-numbing state of a willing suspension of disbelief. Where what we believe in is not based on the purifying streams of evidence and proof, (or enough evidence – at any rate) – but just rumour, gossip, and hearsay. 

Where we forget Carl Sagan’s admonishment that “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. 

Where we believe in things such as ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’ and go by uninformed intuition, gut, faith, and other forms of uncritical thinking and decision making patterns. 

If you are a human being reading this, and want to think better, and make better decisions, read this now. 

3 Million out of 5 for me! 

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    Respected Sir,it’s amazing that you read so much and help us read right.Sir,you’re right about The Proof book.The Proof book develops and shares fresh insights into the challenge of reaching the truth.

    Schauer combines perspectives from law, statistics, psychology, and the philosophy of science to evaluate how evidence should function in and out of court.

    Kind Regards/SRA


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