Law in 100 Words | Part 2 | Electronic Evidence (65B Basics)

  • The Certificate u/s 65B is not required to be on an affidavit.
  • Though normally to be filed along with the electronic record (print-out, USB drive, etc), it can be filed subsequently too, either as a supplementary chargesheet, or by resort to S.311/391 of the CrPC.
  • In Civil cases, the certificate can be brought on record subsequently by relying upon Order 18 Rule 17, Order 16 Rule 14 CPC r/w 151 of the CPC. (Also see Order 8 Rule 1A and Order 7 Rule 14 CPC) 
  • Objections relating to admissibility of electronic evidence should be taken promptly else they are taken to have been waived.

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    Respected Sir,yr 💯 words Series will empower laymen&help better compliances.Great Work.I really think why someone didn’t make law so simpler earlier.Perhaps,it’s ISVARA’S Plan that you did it.
    Kind Regards/SR


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