A Judgment that I wrote in a case of false implication by the Police

Many of you have reached out to me, over the last few months and years, for copies of judgments and orders that I wrote – during my tenure as a Trial Court Judge.

Many of these are available on IndianKanoon, but not all.

Here’s one that was sent to me recently by someone, which wasn’t otherwise available in the public domain.

This one is special.

Of course, it could have been written with greater precision and less pomposity (In mitigation, I was just 25 at that point!), but it really stands out for me.

For the Justice that I was able to do through this one and the difference I could make to the lives of these young men who found themselves falsely implicated in this frivolous case by the police.

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  1. amruthredd

    This is the first ever judgement authored by you that I read today. concise and precise. Why not have all important judgements authored by you as a complilation!!

    Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Bharat Chugh

      You’re kind! I don’t have most of them and – frankly – I don’t they are worthy. But will try share some – for good or for bad.


  2. Vishal tyagi

    I have been following you from the day Rahul sir mentioned your name….you are such a great person to follow as an inspiration.
    Thank you giving such quality content.


  3. S R Agarwal

    Respected Sir, The [New post]”A judgment I wrote in a case of false implication by police” validates what I Always Admire about yr’Personal Greatness”. Sir, you discovered your “birth-gifts of talents, intelligences and infinite potential” and cultivated them to demonstrate vision, discipline, passion and conscience; whether it was topping the exams,being youngest judicial officer and then starting your own Chambers leaving a topmost law firm among many other great deeds. Sir,the Bold Judgement at just 25,exemplifies your voice (or calling) is where your talents, passion, and conscience converged with what the world needed. You did apply your talents (natural gifts and strengths), passion (what naturally excites, energizes, and motivates you), to a moral need that called to your conscience (the quiet, small voice inside that tells you what’s right).
    Kind Regards/SRA


  4. Aditya

    I guess we all have this tendency of revisiting our old things and think I could have done that better


    1. Shashwat

      Well Said Aditya


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