Category: Criminal Justice System

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Taking White Collar Crime Seriously

A financial crisis is often followed by a rise in financial crimes. A crisis, such as the one we now face, not only presents an opportunity (and greater motivation) for all sorts of financial shenanigans but also lays bare – the true financial position of a lot of corporations.

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Indian Extradition Law Demystified (Part 1)

In this column, I try and explain the basics of the Indian Extradition Law. A law that often proves to be as elusive as the very fugitive that it seeks to deal with. I’ve tried to unpack the fundamental principles of extradition law, extradition treaties and the broad process; I also briefly flag the common defenses available to an extradition request.

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The Passcode on your phone, the right to privacy and protection against self incrimination

An interesting guest post by the very talented Shreyash Sharma (4th Year, National Law University Odisha) & Gultash Guron (Final Year, Campus Law Centre Delhi) where they examine a rather vexed question relating to the scope of the protection against self incrimination in the context of phone passcodes (face scans, finger prints) and the fundamental right to privacy.