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The Unconstitutional Vagueness Of The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018’.

“What happens in vagueness, stays in vagueness…” Police Officer: “Hey, Mr.CEO, you’re under arrest! We’ve found that the website of your company displays….hmmm….what do you call it [Police Officer asks his slightly more informed sidekick]…oh..yes, yes..I […]

Supreme Court on Possession of fruits of crime in murder case

A decision on inference arising from possession of fruits of crime – soon after the occurence, in absence of reasonable explanation may lead to inference of complicity, also a preposition on Life Sentence means incarceration […]

Tukaram v. State of Maharashtra 1979 SC

Largely hailed as a rare example of judicial insensitivity to a rape victim/gender outrage – the judgment paved path for various amendments in rape related laws – especially those catering to situations on dominance where […]